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Born 24 March 1933, till 1951 grammar school. 1951-57 stage manager in an outland theatre. In the same time (1953-55) 27 month service in an auxiliary labour battalion for disloyalists (PTP, later TP). In the years 1957-62 studies at the Theatrical Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts (DAMU) in Prague, Department of Directing. In the last class (1961-2) concurrently director of the repertory theatre in Příbram. In 1962-3 director of the Horácké divadlo in the town Jihlava, and the next 30 years director in the Kladno and Mladá Boleslav theatres, guest productions in various other theatres. Simultaneously professor at the Musical-Dramatic Department of Prague Conservatory (1973-85). From the year 1993 literary translations of fiction and non-fiction (memoirs, biographies, history, philosophy, religion). Member of the Czech Translators' Guild (Obec překladatelů). Married, three adult children, seven grandchildren.

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